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JULY 15, 2010
Little-known politician Mark Levine has star-studded backin' with Ed Norton
State senate candidate Mark Levine may be a small-time pol, but his donors are positively A-list. (DAILY NEWS)

MAY 20, 2010 
Candidates and pals out hunting for signatures

"[Mark's] got a lot of guts...I know he'll be great in Albany." (RIVERDALE PRESS)

MAY 20, 2010 
Inspired by Obama, here comes a new breed of candidate; career pols will try to undermine them

Mark Levine, a Manhattan district leader, thinks he'll be among the winners come election day.

MAY 13, 2010
Community organizer vies for State Senate
“I don’t think people are looking for experience, they’re looking for someone willing to solve problems and get involved with the issues that matter,” Mr. Levine said. “I have proven that I can do that.” (RIVERDALE PRESS)


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