Small and Local Contributions Give Levine Fundraising Lead

Mark Levine's State Senate campaign got a needed boost from small and local contributions, putting him ahead of his nearest competitor both in terms of funds raised during the period and cash on hand.  "Grass roots contributions made the difference with over 90% from individuals and more than half from local voters," Levine said.  His nearest competitor has raised the lion share of his funds from corporations, lobbyists and PAC's with only a small proportion coming directly from individual contributors.

While more than half of Mark Levine's funding has come from local citizens, the New York Public Interest Research Group has pointed out that Mark's nearest competitor has raised the vast majority of his funds from non-local sources.  According to a campaign spokesperson, more than 70% of Levine's contributors during the last filing period made contributions of $100 or less, while only nine people made contributions of $100 or less to the nearest competitor during the same period.

"What's happening here is a grass roots resurgence that is taking the power back to the people and away from the special interests," Levine said."My campaign is locally focused and locally funded by voters like you.  As your State Senator I will be accountable, not to Bronx party bosses, not to lobbyists or special interests, but to voters like you."  It looks like the campaign's eleventh hour appeal reported by the Daily News resonated with individual voters.  To make your contribution click here.


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